Travel Hacking pt 4: Resources and Words of Wisdom

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I’m going to impart on you some words of wisdom we learned by making mistakes along the way. Below are some great resources to help you get started travel hacking! Please have fun, see the world, learn something, and make good financial decisions. Also, IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK!! WE LOVE TALKING TO YOU ALL!

Words of Wisdom

  1. Pay attention to Chase’s 5/24 rule. It a rule that Chase has put in place to prevent too many rewards to the same person. Chase strictly enforces this. They pay attention to what account you open with other providers as well. Not all other accounts and cards account against this rule. Which accounts apply to this rule is ever changing so please look into it before deciding to open the account. I recommend prioritizing getting Ultimate Rewards from Chase
  2. Watch your credit score. Jessie and I’ve had our scores fluctuate with 15-20 points as we open and close cards. Our scores were in the 800’s so we weren’t worried about 15-20 points when the rewards totally outweigh the scores dipping a bit.
  3. Track your cards. Use our spreadsheet from this post as a template if you’d like.
  4. Take it slow. If you’re going after the Chase Ultimate Rewards, you can only open 5/24 anyway. Don’t overwhelm yourself.
  5. Ask questions. Ask us questions please. We’re here to help. If we don’t have the answer, we can find it together.

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Here are some great resources we use to help us in the journey

The guys (Brad and Jonathan) over at ChooseFI do an outstanding job of explaining travel rewards in their travel rewards series. Also, they have great podcasts on the topic.  Episode 009 & Episode 31

The Mad FIentist and Nerdwallet  have put together some amazing tools for locating the best travel cards available.

Award Wallet is a great tools for keeping track of all of your award points.

Debitize is an outstanding tool. It allows you to turn your credit card into a debit card some that you never forget to pay. It takes the money out of you spend out of your checking each day and pays your credit card bill.

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