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We’ve been on quite the adventure over the past few years! From paying off $147,000 worth of debt, to coaching money habits, to traveling together.  This blog is a space for us to share tips and tricks that we have discovered along the way and continue to find.  Our desire to is inspire you to be mindful of your money in fun and interesting ways! 

Most posts are separated into categories:

Money Tips sharing deals and ideas.
Mindful Tips which focuses more on financial education.
Knowledge via Experience which highlights what we’ve gone through and learned in our debt payoff journey.
Travel which is pretty self-explanatory.  

Find what suits you, enjoy, comment and share! We’re all on this journey together and we love to hear what you all are doing.  

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Giving Everyday for a Month

We listen to lots of podcasts by highly successful people and read personal development books often. When discussing key points of success, they almost always

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A Trip to New Orleans

Usually I write to share the knowledge we’ve acquired that will allow people to learn from our mistakes and to create better habits that allow

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Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey. Everyone in the financial world has an opinion when his name comes up, one way or the other. People love him, or dislike

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Mindful Habits

Unapologetic Giving

I’m sitting in Chick-Fil-A in Palm Coast, Florida this past Tuesday. I’m by myself trying to eat but I can’t. I keep tearing up because

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Expecting the Expected

People as a whole have developed high expectations ourselves and everyone around us. We expect people to be nice to us, we expect a paycheck

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