How did we get here?

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Somehow we turned around and had all this debt.  It is actually pretty crazy when you think about it.  We’ve just been living life, happy-go-lucky. Nothing crazy though… neither of us are extravagant people. We were just doing what’s normal – going to work, paying bills, taking a vacation, going out to eat whenever – but it’s not like we were out leasing Ferraris… we were fine. Then how did we get here?

I don’t remember what happened exactly. But I know that in March of 2015 Josh talked to me about our finances and how maybe we weren’t making the best choices. We talked about maybe making a budget. We talked about maybe trying to be proactive about paying off the money we owed.  

We talked about the debt snowball and how maybe we should write out all of our loans one by one somewhere so that we could look at them on a regular basis. 

How did we get here?

Wow. Nothing like writing down each loan you have and remembering that you were once content financing laser hair removal because “it’s worth it.” 


That’s how we got here.

I remember that we also discussed not adding all of them together because we’d be too disgusted by the number.  Sooo… you might have too much debt, when…

I secretly added the numbers up without telling Josh and I’m sure he did too without telling me (did you, Josh??) and I definitely remember wanting to throw up. $147,000. In the negative. Maybe financing a $3200 mattress wasn’t such a great idea after all.

Well, this conversation almost 3 years ago started a pretty interesting adventure. I’m looking forward to sharing it. 

<3 Jess

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