Mindful Money Habits

Who Says?

You graduate; you go to college; you take out student loans. 

You get a job; you finance a car.

You get married; you buy a house bigger than you need; you have kids; you finance a minivan.

You open credit cards; you go to Disney World; you refinance the house. 

But why?

Why is debt normal? 
Why is it taboo to talk about money? 

We’re trying to change that. 

Rethink what it means to live life abundantly,but that all starts with talking… (even if the topic is taboo).

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Hi! We're the Boyces

We’re just your average couple, but paid off $147,000 worth of debt in a little over three years! Our goal is to help others live a life that is fun and frugal, by sharing our mistakes and successes.

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Learning from mistakes

Looking back, we didn’t even realize what we were doing at the time.  We were living just like everyone around us…

Enjoying a life of abundance...

To enjoy life and live it to the fullest, it does not have to be full of debt.  

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Hang out with us. We're on this journey together.

Read the blog for stories, ideas, and resources. Consider coaching if you believe that it’s right for you… Follow us on social or reach out with any questions. 

Whatever your experience looks like, we’re here!  

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